Hundi Collection

Date: 19/06/2024

Type Amount
Cash Rs.6,75,920/-
Gold 21 g. 500 mg.
Silver 22 g.

Installation of Hundi in Shreemandira

The High power committee otherwise known as Sharma Committee had recommended some proposals in 1980 to the State Government for their implementation. One of the most important recommendations of the committee was for formation of a "Foundation Fund" and installation of "HUNDI" in the premises of the temple. As per the recommendations of the High Power committee, the state Government effected certain amendments in 'Shri Jagannath Temple Act, 1955'. Accordingly "Shri Jagannath Temple (Amendment) Act, 1983" came into force. Two new sections i.e. 28-B and 28-C in the amended Act, 1983 were provisions such as "Installation of Hundi" and "Shri Jagannath Temple Foundation Fund" respectively.

As per the direction of State Government the Managing Committee of Shree Jagannatha Temple in its meeting on 19-08-1983 accepted the proposal for installing a Hundi in the Natamandap of the Shreemandira. The Law Department, Govt. of Odisha vide their letter no. 12461, dt. 22.08.1983 approved the proposal of the Managing Committee with a stipulation that 90% of the entire income out of the Hundi will be kept in the Foundation Fund and 10% will be deposited in the Temple Fund. On the next day i.e. 23-08-1983, a Hundi was installed in the Natamandap of Shreemandira.

Hundi has been installed in Shreemandira for a noble purpose. Hence devotees show greater enthusiasm for making donations through the Hundi. With greater participation of devotees across the country, the Hundi of Lord Shree Jagannatha has recorded a remarkable growth rate